Known as one of the Big Four banks in the United Kingdom, Barclays has celebrated over 300 years of presence at the home market. At present, more than 10 million people hold bank accounts at this institution. Furthermore, the bank employs around 74 000 individuals in a little more than 2000 branches worldwide. The bank’s functioning is marked by two innovations: Barcleycard and the cash machines. Though the card has noticeably higher interest rate, it is the most popular type of business card in the United Kingdom. Cash machines (numbering 4000 already) are pioneered by Barclays as well.

The full range of financial services, offered by Barclays include: credit cards, loans, insurance plans, mortgages, and pensions.

The Barclays` standard account comes with a bank overdraft card and a credit limit upon agreement. No monthly fee is due on credit but interest rate is in effect. Service costs include the following: stopped cheques: £10, banker’s drafts: £10, and additional statements at £0.50.

Barclays Euro account is another type of customer’s account. Clients will suffer no additional costs for exchange if they require British pounds instead of Euro.

A range of premium accounts is also available. “Additions”, for instance, offers a benefits package if clients pay as little as extra £7.5 per month. The service offers legal helpline, breakdown recovery, purchase protection, extended warranty, and a will-writing service. The clients` funds will be refunded if they find the service unhelpful. Other options are available for individuals aged 18 and under. These include BarclayPlus, “Young Persons” account, and various student packages.
The majority of customers benefit from the free of charge internet banking. As usual, this type of banking allows clients to check statements and review their balance, pay all outstanding bills, and transfer funds around the United Kingdom.

Clients may also transfer information from their accounts to the home personal computers and import data into a software package. Individuals will save considerable amount of time if they use Sage or Excel for their home accounts.

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