The largest provider of real estate mortgages and saving accounts in the UK is the Bank of Scotland, being a branch of the Lloyds Banking Group. Its brand name is Halifax.

The bank offers the whole package of banking services consisting of loans, bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, insurance, savings, investments, pensions, and share dealing. In addition, Halifax maintains a real estate agency that serves the clients who search to buy a home and borrow from the bank.

The bank accounts divide into three categories: student current account, ultimate reward current account (including benefits like car insurance), reward current account (£ 5 at every payment of £ 1000).

Credit cards vary more and offer different schemes of payments and bonuses. They are as follows: The All in One Credit Card (15.9 APR), The Plus Credit Card (16.9), Student Credit Card (17.9), Charity Credit Cards (16.9 APR), and Rewards Credit Cards (15.9 APR).

The loan products differentiate between Halifax and non-Halifax clients. The bank offers unsecured personal loans in the range of £7,000 and £15,000 and loans of other amounts. The principle of further borrowing is based on whether the client has unsecured personal loans with the bank or not. Especially, mortgage customers borrow at a special rate. There is an option for the non-Halifax customers too – they can consider a credit card as loans are available only to Halifax users. Mortgages, on the other hand, are differentiated in view of the buyer’s needs. The offers vary from remortgaging through first time buyer mortgages, home movers, buy to let mortgages and mortgages for existing customers (in case of a deal coming to an end and additional borrowing).

There are three kinds of insurances: home, travel, and healthcare and protection (including total mortgage protection plan.)

The savings unit is well developed as Halifax clients may open nest egg (for special saving), tax free, regular, and instant access children’s saving accounts.

For share dealing options and investments, Halifax has envisaged an Online Research Centre which informs the potential investors of their marketing opportunities.

Moreover, Halifax may take care of your travel money with an abundance of currencies and travel insurance.

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