ICICI Bank UK PLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank Limited, was incorporated in Britain in 2003. Its headquarters are in London where the body is a subject of regulation by FSA. The bank provides products and services in eleven UK branches, one in Belgium and another in Germany as well as through internet and telephone banking.

ICICI Bank UK offers financial services and banking products in the areas of life insurance, venture capital, investment banking, and asset management. They are divided into two categories: personal and corporate & investment banking.

Personal Banking

This section comprises of the following financial products: HiSave accounts, current accounts, savings, loans, credit cards, money transfers, and NRI Services (fast, low-cost money transfers).

HiSave accounts can bring a fixed income on longer term savings (4.70% AER) or provide easy access to savings with a long term rate promise (1.70% AER). The terms duration varies from 6 months to 48 months and changes the percentage of AER proportionally.

Current accounts can be remitted through phone and email and come with certain benefits such as a free cheque book and debit card. ICICI bank offers the service of Text Message Banking as a way to keep in touch with the customerís banking account. Another option is the joint account which suits the needs of the clientís spouse.
Savings are divided in two kinds: Super Saver (0.75% AER) and Fixed Deposit (with fixed deposit and the option of automatic renewal after expiration date).

ICICI Bank UK offers rewards credit card (15.9% AER) and Platinum (14-16% AER plus rewards such as interest free purchases for 45 days on full coverage of the balance and free additional card)

Corporate and Investment Banking

Corporate banking solutions cover loans, foreign exchange, treasury products, derivatives, trade finance, and structured products.

The Investment Banking unit provides advice to corporations, institutions, and sponsors on transactions, capital-enhancing activities (merger and acquisitions), capital structuring, underwriting and distributing of debt, equity warehousing and sponsor finance, and cross border transactions.

The Risk management section is rendered to Global Market Group. It is intensively supported by state-of-the-art systems and the ICICI Group, aiming to offer efficient execution across markets and products.

The bankís approach is generally innovative, flexible, and built on extensive global resources.

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