Birmingham Midshires

As a branch of the Bank of Scotland, the commercial bank Birmingham Midshires is headquartered in Wolferhampton, United Kingdom. Prior to its establishment as a banking institution, the entity functioned as a building society.
In 1986, Birmingham Midshires was established through the merger of the Midshires Building Society and the Birmingham and Bridgwater.

Halifax became a part of HBOS after the 2001 merger with the Bank of Scotland.

The Fixed Rate Selector Account, serving charity customers of GAF, is operated by Birmingham Midshires. The current portfolios are complemented by fixed rate products. For a set amount of time, the interest rate is fixed and involves no capital risk.

The products' fixed rates allow a more secure future planning of the returns. In this way, the charitable organizations are assured that a guaranteed return will materialize through the CAF Fixed Rate Selector Account. The selected period of time can range from three months to three years. The chosen interest rate payment also ranges from monthly to annual( payment at maturity is another alternative). No fixed charges are due for the management or creation of the account. Charities enjoy some of the best interest rates. Any charitable organization under the law of the United Kingdom may qualify. However, the minimum amount for an investment project is £10000.

Mortgage lending and savings products are supplied by post, telephone, or online. Individual savings accounts and bonds are also available. In 2005 – 2006, the former parent company HBOS closed most of the bank’s network. The employees were relocated to the parent firm and reassigned from the bank’s offices.

Early in the 2009, Lloyds TBS acquired HBOS as a part of the Lloyds Banking Group formation.

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