Capital One UK

Capital One (COF) is an U.S. bank that disseminated credit cards nearly 20 years ago and stepped overseas firstly in the UK in 1996. The company offers a series of banking products including credit cards, loans, saving services with more than 140 billion dollars managed in loans. Capital One services over 50 million customers world-wide and has opened more than 30 000 working places. The ticker symbol for the Credit Card giant company is COF and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The United Kingdom headquarters of Capital One is in Nottingham. The established Operations Centre performs a number of services as application processing, product design and marketing, card issuing, collections, and database management, thus embodying a new business-friendly culture.

Credit cards are the main service managed by the company. The body offers four types of cards. Capital One Classic Visa Card is chosen for its £2,500 spending power, with an option for increasing the limit on the client’s 4th statement and a choice of the card design. The APR is 34,9 %, and the card is granted to customers needing to strengthen their credit rating. The MasterCard is with a 15,9% APR, currently promoted by not charging any taxes on purchases. It also fixes 6,9 % on balance transfers until 2012, but without a balance transfer fee. The card is issued for people with excellent credit rating.

One of the lowest rates in the UK, offered to little firms, is the Capital One Master Card for small businesses: 12,9 % fixed until 2012. The card charges no annual fee and offers an option for online account management.

The brand name of Capital One doesn’t imply just the idea of credit card products. The company also offers a large range of other services amongst which are:

• Depository services (commercial checking accounts, commercial saving accounts, commercial CDs)
• Treasury management (electronic payments, information, fund and fraud management, card solutions)
• All kinds of debt solutions (term loans and lines of credit, commercial real estate lending, commercial equipment leasing, loans in the following sectors: energy, maritime, debt capital markets, commercial dealer services, etc.)
• International Banking (International funds transfer, foreign exchange, foreign drafts, documentary collections, clean collections, etc.)
• Equity research and trading

The name of the giant company - Capital One - can be associated with tradition in corporate culture, innovative approach to new technologies, and stability.

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